Analytical Laboratory for Water


SOIL Group is equipped with a laboratory with over 15 years experience, specializing in treatment, testing and analysis of water and sludge, where more than four thousand samples are handled annually.

They perform treatability studies on water and sludge, as well as test softening, evaporation and the viability of the biodegradability of effluents, the treatment of mixed bed columns, activated carbon, flint, anthracite ..., sieving is performed with different sizes of mesh diameter, in order to find the best possible treatment or the best combination of treatments at a laboratory scale for a certain type of water and/or sludge and to find the conditions required for optimum results, which are subsequently extrapolated to the real plant.

The technical staff is highly specialized and qualified to offer the technical guidance necessary for the application of any treatment and/or chemical product, both at a laboratory scale and an industrial scale.

The laboratory and its entire infrastructure were renewed in October 2013. This is a new and modern facility, which improves the quality of our work.


In our analytical studies, we confirm the reduction of the pollutant parameters to levels significantly below those deemed maximum by those responsible of the legislation regarding effluents.

The analyses of most of the controlled parameters are performed in our facilities. The laboratory analysis procedures are based on standard methods of the Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater and ISO standards, certified by AENOR for the analysis of water quality